Pi's Home Page

Welcome to my new website! I have not yet finished moving the content from my old website, Pi Rules.com, over to this site. I am planning on keeping my old website running for a while since many of its hits are from bookmarks. Some links will probably be broken, but I'll hopefully get the main pages done soon.

Unlike my old website, I built this one from scratch so I could learn more about designing websites. As a result, I am very interested in knowing what you think about it. If you have any comments, please go to this page to contact me.

Common Errors

This section contains some common errors and how to fix them including:


I have written a few extensions, one of which (gContactSync) was originally created for my Google Summer of Code project.


I enjoy programming in my spare time, so I will post my programs as I write and update them. My programs so far include:


This section contains tutorials on Windows XP, Vista, Internet Explorer 7, Hardware, and more. The most popular tutorials include:


This section has some tweaks that I found useful in the past. Some tweaks include adding a Tools tab to msconfig, "installing" the Recovery Console, and creating a custom title for Internet Explorer.


The Vista section has information on Microsoft's newest Operating System, Vista. It has a table showing the differences between the commercially available editions, comparisons between OEM, upgrade, and retail versions, installation options, and more.