Password Generator

Program Information:

Program Name - Password Generator
Author - Josh (Pi rules)
Latest Version - 1.0.2
Date of release - January 11, 2008
Website -
E-mail - pirules3.14+pwgen at


Operating System - Windows 98 or newer. Compatible with 32 and 64-bit versions
Software - .NET Framework 2.0 (32-bit download) (64-bit download)
Hardware - Anything that runs an operating system listed above should work

Program Downloads:

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Full Installer (Recommended) 911 KB 62F436896009E30895A7DEA98C7A9BBD
Executable (with instructions) 582 KB 67144BECA6492930B03AA6D903477156
Instructions 606 KB E0B8E2D7A7F1CA76B0DC430824AC9CD8
Readme 7 KB D02BB55DE1AC031915438F97CBD6CF35


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About the program:

This is a program made in Visual Studio 2005 using the Visual Basic language that computes a hash value to hopefully provide the ability to create a secure password that may be recalculated at any time. The program asks for the site's domain (such as and a secret "code" such as the main password you use. It combines these inputs and calculates a hash, which is converted into and limited to any key on a standard English keyboard. The password is 16 characters long and is considered very secure. If you do not use a password manager such as the one Firefox has, just run the program again, input the domain and your code in and it will recalculate your password for you.