What is gContactSync?

gContactSync is an extension that synchronizes contacts between Google and an Address Book in Thunderbird. The current version is 0.1b1.

What attributes can it sync?

By default, it synchronizes the first four e-mail addresses, the first screenname and number of each type in Google and every attribute in Thunderbird except for Custom 3 and Custom 4 along with several additional fields for e-mail addresses, screennames, and numbers added by gContactSync. Anything that is not synchronized is preserved.

Thunderbird has 6 address fields (two lines, the city, state, zip code, and country) for the home address and another 6 for the work address while Google only has one, which makes synchronizing addresses difficult. To solve this, gContactSync adds three new multi-lined fields to synchronize directly with the first home, other, and work addresses in Google. When a contact from Thunderbird is added to Google the new fields are filled from the old if they are empty. The new addresses, if present, replace the old ones when viewing a card.

See the bottom of this page for a table of attributes.

What are the requirements?

gContactSync requires at least Thunderbird It also works with every version of Thunderbird 3 so far (3.0a1 through 3.0b1pre, which includes the Alpha releases and support for Bug 413260).

Where can I download it? How do I use it?

The current version is 0.1 beta 1 (0.1b1). You can get it and watch the tutorial here. You should watch the tutorial before (or while first) using it.


You can read about the preferences here.


More screenshots are available here. The added attributes in the Edit Card Dialog:

screenshot 1

Click here for a large screenshot of all of the possible attributes that are synced.

Synchronized Attributes

Name Display Name
The first two Email Addresses Primary and Second(ary) Email Addresses
The next 2 email addresses Third and Fourth Addresses
Home, Work, and Mobile Numbers Home Phone, Work Phone, Cellular Number
Work Fax number Fax Number
Home Fax number Home Fax Number**
Other number Other Number**
AIM Screenname Screenname
The first of each: Google Talk, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, and Jabber screennames Google Talk, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, and Jabber Screenname**
Title Job Title
Company Company
Notes Notes
Home and Work Address Home and Work Address***
Other Address Other Address (multiple lines allowed)**

*Only the first (primary) attribute of each type is synced from Google unless otherwise noted. The others are preserved while updating a contact.

**The attributes marked with ** are not standard and are added by this extension to the Address Book.

Up to 10 extra attributes from Thunderbird are synchronized. The default list includes: WebPage1, WebPage2, Department, FirstName, LastName, NickName, PreferMailFormat, AllowRemoteContent, Custom1, and Custom2.

All local data that is not synchronized (for example, extra e-mail addresses in a Google Contact) is preserved.